Firm Overview

Gordon, Dana & Gilmore, LLC’s mission is to offer its attorneys’ attention and resources exclusively to the practice of business and corporate law and litigation arising out of business relationships.


The Firm offers prompt and responsive individual attention with sophisticated expertise using a pragmatic approach. Headed by Bruce L. Gordon, who has over forty (40) years of legal experience, the Firm continues to expand its presence in the legal community.  The Firm’s success required the expansion of its business litigation division, which was accomplished through the addition of highly-qualified counselors John Dana, Jay Stewart, Lindan Hill, and Carl Williams.  In addition, Nicole Gordon Still, former Circuit Judge for Jefferson County, Alabama has rejoined the Firm to assist the litigation group and its clients.


John, Jay, Lindan, and Carl have over fifty (50) years of combined experience in representing a variety of businesses in litigation matters of all types and in all forums.


The corporate, real estate and tax group currently includes Bruce L. Gordon and Jason E. Gilmore and is expected to expand in the coming years.  The corporate, real estate and tax group prides itself on recognizing the challenges that business clients face.  Regardless of whether you are an individual, closely held corporation or a public corporation, our corporate, real estate and tax group can help guide you through the complexities of the law and find a path that’s right for you.


Gordon, Dana & Gilmore, LLC is the preferred law Firm for the handling and referral of sensitive business, personal and litigation matters that require “troubleshooting expertise” as well as a professional approach at a higher level.

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